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Our service is FREE, quick, and independent of any credit card processor. Because of this, we can help you find the lowest rate.

How Our Service Works

The first step is to analyze your existing merchant's processing statement to gain insight into your volume, card types, etc. Click here to begin uploading your statement.

Your Savings

Once we have the statement, our team can identify and then we present your savings, which is generally 30-50%. Just give us 24 hours or less.

Start Saving in 24 Hours

In just 24-48 hours you can realize your savings. Just simply start processing with one of our recommended processors.

Instantly Calculate Your Savings

Just 30 Seconds of Your Time...

We give business owners line-of-sight as to whether or not they're overpaying on their credit card processing fees.

We do this through a simple 30-second questionnaire that quickly ascertains if you're overpaying or if your account has been padded with hidden fees. If the results indicate as such, we'll then proceed to a full statement analysis, whereupon - at no cost to you - we'll provide one-on-one guidance on how and where your business can recover lost revenue.

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Best Rate Review's service is available to all businesses accepting credit cards in the US and CA.

Notable Accolades

How To Identify BAD Credit Card Processing

  Tiered pricing (qual, mid-qual, non-qual)
  Flat rate pricing (Square, Paypal, Stripe, etc)
  ERR pricing
  Non-PCI Compliant
  Traditional Funding (2-3 day wait time on deposits)
  Daily Discount (daily fees for your processing)
  Annual Fees
  Contract with an ETF (early termination fees)

How To Identify Good Credit Card Processing

  Interchange pricing/“pass through” pricing
  Personalized PCI and fraud annual survey walk through
  Next day fund (Zero (0) Day hold on all deposits)
  Daily gross deposits of all funds (Monthly End Discount)
  No annual fees…ever
  No contract or ETF (early termination fees)
  No rate increases…ever

What Our Service Analyzes

Are you PCI Compliant and protected from fraud liability?

Our analysis will not only tell you how much you're overpaying in fees every single month, but if you're PCI compliant and secure.

But our effort doesn't stop there. We can guide and educate you on what's needed to become compliant and ensure that all of your transactions are safe and secure. Ultimately reducing your risk and exposure to fraud, which costs consumers and merchants millions of dollars every year.

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64% of all Merchants are Overpaying...

We’ve worked with 1000s of businesses, and concluded that 64% of all merchants are overpaying for their credit card processing.

This means that most businesses are overpaying by 33%. This is just straight wrong. We’ll help you lower your fees and in effect earn more money that you can reinvest into your business.

Accounts Analyzed
Monthly Average Dollars Saved Per Account
Save On Average 30-50% Every Month

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What about $0 Fee or Cash Discount Credit Card Processing?

While still somewhat new to the industry, $0 fee (aka cash discount) credit card processing is here and gaining popularity. How does it work? Simple: when the customer pays for their goods, a small 4% fee is added to their total. Which means that all of your monthly fees are now $0.

Interested in getting started? Applying takes just 5-minutes. Simply click here and fill out North American Bancard's (one of our most trusted merchant banks) online application and you should be approved in minutes.

Note: Start by entering your email address and a password. This will be used to access your app status later.

What Makes Us Who We Are

What Makes Us Different
Our service, Best Rate Review, is predicated upon the collection of data, which in turn allows us to empower the majority, which in this case is you, the business owner. In effect, we’re breaking down the opaque walls that otherwise prevented merchants from accessing this information.

Our Process
It’s not just about sending us a single month’s credit card processing statement. Our service is first and foremost based on understanding you and your business. And then within that, gaining insight into your current provider.

Following that, we’ll walk you through a 30-second questionnaire, whereupon we’ll tell you where you sit with respects to your current processor. If you’re in a good position, we won’t waste your time. However, statistically, this is rarely the case. And if we determine as such, we’ll dive deeper, analyzing your existing provider.

Remember, our service is zero obligation, zero cost and completely confidential.

Who We Are
Founded in Venice, CA, Best Rate Review’s founders have over a decade of experience working with merchants to reduce their credit card fees.

Our Privacy Pledge

At Best Rate Review, we take privacy very seriously. But that’s just the start. We value the sensitivity of our clients’ data so because of that we take great strides to ensure we’re future proofed, protected and hardened.

First, it starts with a website that is 100% encrypted (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption). So any information shared through there can’t be read by any would be attempted prying eyes. Moreover, we host our site on one of the world’s largest hosting providers, WP Engine.

Lastly, we ensure that any digital communication is encrypted and follows our own strict internal guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always here to help. You can call us direct at 833-872-1010.

Client Testimonials

Rebarts - The #1 Hunter Douglas Showroom & Distributor

“I really appreciated Best Rate Review’s approach as it was simple and straightforward. Christen, our agent, took the time to explain and break down everything in a way that was clear and transparent. We shopped around and once I put my info out there I felt like I was hounded by a lot of sales people giving confusing rates or promising me they were the only “wholesale processor” out there. In the end, best rate saved our family’s business 20% over our previous provider, Bank of America.” – Bart San Diego IV

Dr. Perrault/ - MD, Hair Loss and Restoration

“Working with Best Rate Review was quick, simple and best of all easy. They explained how our business was currently set up, and best of all provided peace of mind by ensuring that we had an excellent rate with our current provider.” – Kristyn Perrault

Patriot Containers - Used and New Shipping Containers

“In 2018 I signed up with Best Rate Review knowing that if there was anyone to trust in the merchant industry it was them. Prior to signing up we sat down and crunched numbers of how much I was processing and my rate with Stripe which was 2.9% plus $0.30 a transaction. They claimed with the amount that I processed every month I would save $600+ depending on what cards my customers used. The very first month I saved over $1,000 in processing fees. Some months vary but I’m always saving money no matter what cards my customers use. I highly recommend anyone thinking of changing merchant accounts or anyone thinking they are being taken advantage of with your existing merchant account to give Best Rate Review a shot. I now save money and also qualified for next day funding, which is another thing I did not have with Stripe. ” – William J Smith III 

Richards Cyclery - Garden Grove's Oldest and Most Experienced Purveyor of Bicycles

“Best Rate Review saved me $1000s this year (2018). They not only reduced my monthly credit card processing fees but helped me get out of a lengthy and expensive equipment leasing agreement with zero penalty.” – Richard Sparkman

Rv Storage Denver - RV Equipment and Storage

“We’ve received the best experience we could have asked for when dealing with our credit card processing. Rob and his team at Best Rate Review made the transition to a new provider seamless, and all with very little hiccups. And when we’ve followed up with the team with questions or concerns, they’ve always responded in a timely fashion, addressed our concerns and made sure everything was running smoothly. Best Rate Review was the best decision we’ve ever made!” – Ashely Alway

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Your Rates?

Clients often ask “what are your rates”? All of our rates are set by the banks. That said, we ensure that all clients are all set up with providers that offer the true cost of the card. Meaning whatever Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express set as the cost of accepting the card is what you the merchant will pay (or should be paying). This is called Interchange or passthrough. No one can avoid this cost and anyone processor who says they can are simply being misleading. Interchange is the most advantageous set up for any merchant and is the most scalable. Moreover, it allows the merchant to see each type of card they accepted and their associated cost.

My Rate Is Currently 2%. Right?

To determine your current rate there is an extremely easy process. Just take ALL of your “monthly fees” and divide them by your “gross credit card sales”. This is a great way to determine what your true, effective rate is per month. Keep in mind that this assumes you’re receiving gross deposits (the full amount you accepted or processed the previous day). This method may not work if you’re on a “daily discount”. Also, remember that your effective rate will vary from month to month. Why? A few reasons: 1) your volume may change 2) the type of cards you accepted (each have a different interest rate or cost) may have changed unless you have the same exact clients month- to-month.

Can You Integrate with Quickbooks Online or Desktop?

If you’re currently using Quickbooks online (or the desktop) then no problem. Our merchant processing solutions can integrate directly into your day to day workflow, auto reconciling invoices, booking payments against outstanding invoices and logging sales. This can be done through an in-store POS or online via your website (aka gateway).

What About Customer Service?

Rest assured that customer service is extremely important to us. And while we’re recommending clients to the correct processor (all processors are heavily vetted and meet our strict guideline), we’re never more than a phone call away from troubleshooting a problem day or night, weekday or weeknight.

What about no-fee (or $0 fee) credit card processing (aka cash discount)?

Not too long ago the credit card companies made it “illegal” to pass the processing fees onto the customer. But not anymore. Sometimes called “cash discount” or “$0 fee credit card processing”, this options allows you the merchant to pass the cost of the credit card onto the customer. This means that if your total credit card processing bill is $500, it now becomes $0. Ask us today how to get started with this program (but we’ll make sure it’s a fit for your business).

How would I know if there are extra fees or my Interchange is padded?

To find out if your Interchange is padded you can either look up each card type you accepted and compare that to Mastercard and Visa’s published rates. Or you can send us your statement and we’ll do it for you, free of charge. We’ll also look for miscellaneous fees that sometimes processors add to make a bit more money.

Can I Take Payments on my Website?

Accepting payments online is easy and simple. You simply need a gateway, such as allows you to add any payment provider you like. In fact, switching payment providers (or processors) is as quick as a few lines of code/text, and translates to no downtime and no headache. And best of all, we can help you do this.

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