PCI, which is in fact PCI DSS, stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It was created to reduce credit card fraud and all the while protect credit card holders.

To maintain compliance, and avoid added fees, all merchants must completely a yearly survey. There are  different ways this survey can be administered.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

This method is the most trying and challenging to small businesses. It generally takes hours to complete and can often lead to failure and with that frustration. Not only does this expose the merchant to liability and fraud, but with it fees and financial risk.

Assisted Questionnaire

This method is fully PCI compliant and all the while ensures that the merchant will pass and complete the survey, resulting in the certification. It still requires the merchant to invest their own time, but at a fraction of the above thanks to the assistance of a certified professional. The net result is less energy and less time invested.

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